NervoChaos will release new album “Chthonic Wrath” in March 2023
Postado em 10/02/2023

Nervochaos“Chthonic Wrath” will be released on digital platforms and on CD via Emanzipation Productions on March 31, 2023. In Brazil, the CD will be released in partnership between Tumba Records, Voice Music and Xaninho Discs. And also on a limited edition LP (12” vinyl) via Tumba Records.

The tracklist for “Chthonic Wrath” features the following songs:

01. Son Of Sin
02. Chaos Prophets
03. Kill For Pleasure
04. Taphephobia
05. Tomb Mold
06. Lullaby Of Obliteration
07. Turn Apart
08. Arrogance Of Ignorance
09. Avant-garde
10. Falling
11. Descending Into Madness
12. Perpetual War
13. Ouroboros
14. Weed Smokers’ Dream

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